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Given that Maldives is an archipelago with the population dispersed across several islands, and that most services are centralized in the capital island of Male’, the population has migrated to Male’ in order to better access services. Unfortunately, for the population left behind in the islands, they are unable to access necessary services nor are there qualified professionals within the islands who can help these local island communities. This issue exists in the legal sector as well, and has manifested in the lack of licensed lawyers in island communities, whereby impeding the common man’s access to the courts of law in Maldives.

The Practical Legal Training (PLT) program was conceptualized with the aim of training ‘community paralegals’ who can engage directly with the community and provide the communities with the basic legal knowledge required so as to facilitate the island communities’ access to justice. The idea was for the participants in the program to be trained in basic law and aspects such as form filling for certain claims that were the kind of issues that Maldivian island communities normally face, so that if such an instance were to occur, the island community may seek the help of the paralegal who is geographically and financially more accessible.

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