It is heartening to see a periodical review published on issues of law and governance in this country until now. While a wealth of precedents get decided every year, no systematic mechanism for effective reporting is in place. The Maldives Law Review is a refreshing attempt at the compilation of ideas and propositions and publishing them in the hopes of fostering debate and discussion, with the ultimate goal being of course, the nurturing of an intellectual and yet practical discipline
— Ahmed Muizzu, Former Prosecutor General


The Maldives Law Review (MLR) intends to redress a gap in legal academia and guided practice in the Maldives. Legal practitioners, judges, law professors, and practicing attorneys are all invited to submit articles and reviews of local practices, cases, bills and statutes. Articles, case reviews, case notes, and law reviews submitted for publication will go through a review process. At MLR, publications will always be targeted to demonstrate quality of research and writing and submissions must contribute significantly to existing legal scholarship by shedding new light on their chosen topic.

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